Friday, December 31, 2010

A Heartfelt Greeting to those Viewing my Blog.

"Greetings and Salutations!", or whatever other term floats your boat. This is the first post on my new log about writing, video games, and general geekdom, if you couldn't tell from the description up-top.

I'm Will, your guide, your Charon through this River of Styx that we will call my blog. Enough of the melodrama, so basically I'm going to be posting something about a game I might be playing, a show I might be watching, a book I might be reading, or my take on general events in the video game industry.

As this is my first blog, if any of you visitors out there feel like commenting, please tell me if there is any particularly bothersome thing about the format of the blog or otherwise, and I'll try to make a change to it post-haste, I can't please everybody, but I'll do what I can.

As well as posts specific to this blog, if in the near future I happen to get some chances at free-lance journalism, for the enthusiast gaming press, or get a shot at free-lance games journalism, or whatever you prefer to call the people who report gaming news, I'll post a link to the resulting article here.
But seeing as I have yet to graduate high-school as of this post, and am going to college within the coming fall, I doubt that you'll see high-profile articles from me for awhile. But it's never too late to build up a portfolio of work, and to have experience writing to other people (hopefully).

You might get another post from me soon, probably one explaining the name of the blog, and the lack of yellow and black colorization, but for now, I'll leave this post be.