Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tim Schafer must hate french fries..

...Because I just got to the french fry quest (In Costume Quest), a main quest, which is bugged so that it cannot be completed, there is no planned patch to fix it, and no way to get around it.

The only solution is to delete the save and start a new game. At that point I had played over halfway through the game.

Maybe I can buy some kind of simian creature to play the game for me, but that requires, money, and the technology to train a monkey to play video games, neither of which I have.

I will never finish Costume Quest, as much as I love Tim Schafer, and Double Fine's work, I will never finish that game because there isn't any real replay value. It's a good game, but nothing changes enough on replay to still be entertaining.

It's irritating how more and more games ship with bugs, big ones at that, at release. (Earth Defense Force sized bugs, so, the size of skyscrapers)

I realize how complicated games are nowadays, such as Fallout New Vegas with it's many variables, quests, content, and etcetera. And I can deal with the occasional "reload from a point 3 minutes from where you were", or , "Oh, all of the character's heads are spinning nonstop, 'Exorcist'-style".

But there is very little reason that a game should ship, or become available to download, with a bug that prevents you from beating the game.

If I ever meet Tim Schafer at a convention, I'll ask him why he hates french fries so much, and why he's such a foodist.