Saturday, March 5, 2011


The endless onslaught of work has been ended.

I can't believe it, it couldn't be happening, pinch me girls, it couldn't be happening...

Oops, too much acting, sometimes I still slip into talking about lines from my recent musical.

Things have been very busy with college acceptance and all, and I hope to post up some more video game/nerd related post within the week as it is now Spring Break, and I should soon have Dragon Age 2.

So I may post stuff about that as I go through.

That reminds me, I made it 3/4'ths of the way through Tales of Vesperia, finally, and am considering whether or not I really want to finish the last bit of it for reasons I will explain in another upcoming post.

So till then...

Also, watch out for bionic squid-men, I was nearly attacked by one on the way home today.

I had to fight it off with a Kukri.