Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why "Laser Bee"

Well, Laser Bee, why the name? Let me explain.

To begin with, it sounds catchy, and i liked the ring to it, it seemed fairly original to it. I got my inspiration from such sites as Giant Bomb and Games Radar, a simple two word name.

As for the next reason, it's pretty basic, a bee made of concentrated light would be pretty awesome. You already have Honey Bees, followed by Killer Bees, and then you have the boss-type Laser Bees. They would probably be in the futuristic level, or the time-travel level.

Also, getting a symbol of some kind of high-tech bee, or a bee mounted with laser cannons would be pretty intriguing in terms of it's design.

Really, I just like the originality of it, and as I'm somewhat anxious in writing publicly for the first few times, and I have a fear of bees, you could draw some form of psychological conclusion.

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