Saturday, May 7, 2011

Achievment Unlocked: Games are federally recognized as art.

So before you continue on, read this.

Seriously, I know you're still there, take a quick look.
I'm talking to myself now, aren't I?

Welcome back! So as it seems the NEA can now give grants for video games as public works. I won't go into further detail on the specifics, as you just read them, but this could have some really interesting possibilities.

Games that wouldn't normally be granted a budget, on account of graphic content or niche appeal, now have a chance of being made and distributed publicly.

I would like the greatest public project the world has ever known... H.P. Lovecraft: The Game, you basically play as Lovecraft who has to fight monsters from his own story.

It's a 3rd person actions rpg, and you, as Lovecraft, wield an evolving Victorian Pen-Sword.  Or something like that. It would be very awesome.

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